New Years Resolutions: PT.1

January 21, 2019

New Years Resolutions: PT.1


Hey hey! Can you believe it’s already almost 1 month into 2019 – I literally can’t fathom how it’s almost february.

So, it only makes sense to dig into those new years goals we all set in January, right?!

Don’t know about you, but i’ve had a love-hate-love-really hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions over the years. All year long I love setting goals, planning, the multi-colored pens & highlighters, the whole shabang. But there’s something about new year’s that seems too cliche, too much pressure, to get behind.

This year, instead of setting a million huge goals I’ll never actually get to – i figured i’d just set two main goals. These are two goals that are very important to me, and that have tangible, actionable steps to follow in order to reach them. All very important things to consider when goal setting.

I love reading about other people’s goals, dreams, motivation, and planning. I hope you find some value in reading about mine as well. I figure i will split this up into two posts, because I want to really dig deep into each goal, and to share as open and honestly as I can about each one.

If you like hearing about my resolutions (mom, you reading this??) I’ll continue to share about them throughout the year to keep myself accountable and for anyone who has similar goals. Don’t worry, I’ll still throw in a dessert recipe, beauty tip (skincare is my jam rn), and some of my other favorite things.

Alright, so on to resolution #1 …

Resolution #1: Run a Half Marathon

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a “resolution” persay, moreso a goal that i’ve been telling myself I would do “someday”. Guess what? IT’S SOMEDAY.

To preface this goal, let me start by saying that the decision of running a half marathon came from a conversation with my seasoned runner coworker. I literally was complaining to her about how much i hate running. And somehow I left that conversation with the idea to run not 1 not 5, but 13.1 miles.

Here’s the thing: I am my biggest competition, always. This is definitely a blessing and a curse, but regardless it helps me get shit done. So, when my coworker explained that she also hated running before she consistently trained for a race, it stuck in my mind. I thought, and thought, and thought. I remembered the days when I would run for miles feeling clear-headed, and how it positively impacted my work, social, and personal life. I also DREADED it, mainly because I was scared.

Growing up, I never considered myself a real “athlete.” Sure, I played sports, but honestly I was never very good. When I started working out hardcore in college, it usually wasn’t for the right reasons, it wasn’t to treat my body as an athlete, or as an art, or a talent – usually, it was to burn calories, escape overwhelming stress / anxiety, or avoiding something i didn’t want to face.

So, when you’re training to look a certain way, or when your mind isn’t in the right place, you don’t necessarily fuel your body the right way, or take the time it takes for your muscles to recover before hitting your next workout. I never considered myself a “runner” which is something that I’m continuing to work through as i begin training for this race.

For me, this is more than just a training plan, it’s a commitment to myself. It’s a commitment to fueling my body in a way that serves my goals, and to respect the gift of health that God has given me. Everyone has different motivations for running their first race, or their twentieth, and so on. For me, it’s so much more than physical.

With that being said – any and all tips for distance running are very much appreciated 🙂 ESPECIALLY during this freezing cold weather – ugh. Seriously, let me know any books, tips, podcasts, playlists, running routes (in NH/MA?), fav socks, post run snacks, etc.

Thanks for reading!! i’ll keep ya posted on the blisters & miles run.

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