Get Motivated to Workout During an Exercise Slump

June 24, 2018

Get Motivated to Workout During an Exercise Slump


Sometimes I just can’t get motivated to workout. I struggle to roll out my yoga mat even though I’m thoroughly rested. I know that working out will make me feel great and leave me with me more energy but for some reason I just can’t drag myself to the gym or out for a run. Sound familiar?

If you read my post on yoga benefits last week, you know I try to workout as many days of the week I can. It gives me mental clarity + helps to detoxify and calm my body. It just keeps everything moving along, you know?!

When I’m feeling uninspired to get my body moving, I turn to a few tricks to help me get back in the workout zone. Here are my go-to tips that help me get motivated to workout when I’m going through an exercise slump.

Get Motivated to Workout: Switch It Up!

If I’m running the same route every time I go out for a jog, I’m going to be bored. If I’ve been wearing the same workout clothes since 2010 (sadly very accurate) I’m going to be uninspired to put them on. If I’ve listened to the same drake song 100 times, it’s just not going to do it for me anymore. So what do I do to get motivated to workout again? I switch it up!! Here are a few things I’ve been doing to switch up my routines and get excited about working out again:

  • Buy a new workout top, pair of leggings, hat, or water bottle
  • Run or walk in a new area of my neighborhood or find some trails to explore
  • Introduce toning moves into my run
    • I love using park benches for dips, mountain climbers, or ab moves.
  • Make a new workout playlist or follow a new one on Spotify

get motivated with a new waterbottle or walking route

Get Motivated to Workout: Take a Group Exercise Class

When I know I need a good workout, but I’m feeling a lack of motivation, a group workout class always does the trick. There’s something about being around a group of hardworking people that helps take my workout to the next level. The energy in the room is usually sky high and if I have to pay to take a class, I’m going to get my money’s worth!

Last weekend I took a class at Title Boxing Club and absolutely loved it! I went to the Manchester, NH location and would highly recommend taking a class there. The trainers are so energetic and everyone in class is friendly and welcoming. This workout flies by. It’s challenging, fast paced, and the trainers d0 a great job of helping everyone stay excited. Another bonus about this workout: AMAZING MUSIC. The playlist during my class was seriously on point- an important aspect of any workout. I will be going back next week for another class!

get motivated with a boxing class

Get Motivated to Workout: Workout Videos & Community

Exercise classes can be expensive and sometimes inconvenient if you have a crazy work schedule. If I can’t find a class that works for me, my next choice is a workout video. I love the workouts from Tone it Up – I’ve been following the founders, Karena and Katrina, since 2013! I could never get bored of their workouts because they have so many to choose from. Not to mention that most of the videos are filmed on the beach- so it basically feels like you’re working out with them on a tropical vacation! The girls are so funny and candid, which makes them way more entertaining than other workout videos. I laugh out loud at their bloopers & comments throughout the workouts. It’s like working out with a best friend!

Karena & Katrina have also developed the Studio Tone it Up App that can be download onto your phone. The app includes daily toning moves that will seriously work and challenge your entire body. You can also access premium workout videos directly from the app. I love using the app at the gym to complete toning moves after a quick run or cardio session! The app helps me get motivated to workout because it keeps track of how many workouts I complete each week, and I even have it set up to send notifications and reminders to stick with me goals. Another one of my favorite features of this app is that I can see all of the babes completing the workout at the same time! The Tone it Up community is always there to motivate one another. Community makes healthy living and working out SO much fun & helps me push through inevitable ruts!

Get Motivated to Workout: Remember your WHY

My last trick for getting motivated to workout during an exercise slump is to remember your why. When I’m feeling less than excited about lacing up my sneakers, I find it helpful to think about why I workout in the first place. For me, my WHY is to live my best life. To take care of my body and to be healthy enough to give back to others. When I am working out consistently and treating my body with respect, I am able to be more present with friends and family.

get motivated to workout outside

I used to workout because I thought I had to, in order to look a certain way. Now, I workout because I am able to. I’m so grateful that I am able to move my body and build strength! I’m so lucky to be healthy. Reminding myself of why I workout is the most effective way to kickstart my motivation when I’m going through a slump. I like to write down my WHY – either in the notes section in my phone, in a journal, in my planner, or all of the above.

Are you currently struggling to stay motivated to workout? Or do you want to stay consistent and strong in your routine? Consider writing down your WHY! Let me know if you try it 🙂 I would love to share ideas about living a healthy and happy life!

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