Podcasts Are My New Netflix: A List of my Current Favorites

June 12, 2018

Podcasts Are My New Netflix: A List of my Current Favorites

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I’m all about podcasts lately. I love the convenience, variety, entertainment, and knowledge that this medium provides. In fact, I would much rather listen to one of these shows than watch an episode of Netflix.

My love for podcasts grew from the boredom of a dreadful commute. In the beginning of my career I was in the car for nearly 2 hours a day – which for me is way too long. I tend to get restless during long rides, and music can only do so much to entertain me. After a while I just wanted something a little bit more engaging. Podcasts became a great resource for me during my long rides. I was able to catch up on the news, learn about marketing trends, and hear some wisdom from my favorite show hosts.

Even now that my commute has been cut to nearly 5 minutes, I still listen to my favorite shows! I like to think of them as a tool to learn in the most convenient way possible.  I can listen while I’m on a walk or run, doing my makeup, cleaning my apartment, driving in the car – literally anywhere. I take every chance I have to learn something new, so this medium has been key in my self and professional development lately.

Podcast on laptop

This medium is going to be HUGE. It allows show hosts to invite listeners behind the scenes, offer up valuable content, and connect on levels that just aren’t possible through other mediums. Podcasts are a great compliment to influencers’ blogs, social media, and other personal branding platforms. I’m so excited that they are being more and more popular. Check out my current favorites below!

Podcasts About Faith and Spirituality:

I really like using podcasts to strengthen my faith. These shows are informative and inspiring. They help me start my day on the right foot and keep what matters most at the front of my mind.

Hope Generation 

Enjoying Everyday Life

Girls Night

Podcasts About Business:

Since I graduated in the spring of 2017, I’ve been missing learning in the classroom setting. These shows are great because there is always a valuable take away that can be applied in your own career. I think it’s so important to keep learning no matter what stage of life you are in!

The Influencer Podcast

Goal Digger Podcast

Podcasts About Health, Fitness, Personal Growth:

There’s always something new to learn about health and wellness. I truly believe that wellness is not just about the food you eat, or the miles you run. These podcasts offer a well-rounded perspective on being well in your mind, body, and spirit! All things I can get on board with 🙂

The Skinny Confidential 

The MindBodyGreen Podcast

The Balanced Blonde//Soul on Fire

Earn your Happy

The Amber Lilyestrom Show 

Podcasts for Entertainment 

These shows are perfect for when I need to unwind or laugh out loud. These podcasts are light & easy to listen to.

The Bitch Bible

Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

There are SO many different types of shows that you will absolutely be able to find some you love. They are free to listen to, and if you have an iphone there is a built in app for that! It’s a purple app, but if you can’t find it just search “podcasts” on your phone and it will pop up. I highly recommend checking out your podcast app and browsing through to find shows that match your interests!


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