3 Reasons to Read Every Day (+ a current favorite!)

June 12, 2018

3 Reasons to Read Every Day (+ a current favorite!)


I have to admit I’m a big morning person. Naturally, I have the most energy in the first half of my day. I love waking up early, adding enough time to relax and set the pace for my day without feeling overwhelmed about my tasks ahead. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is open up a book and read- it might be a couple of  sentences, a page or sometimes I get sucked into an entire chapter. Today I’m sharing 3 reasons why I think you should read – every day!

1. Reading sets the tone for the day

Mainly, I like to read non-fiction books in the morning, usually something inspirational, scientific, or spiritual. The mornings are when I’m at my sharpest, and when I soak in the most information. This sets the tone for my day, and literally preps my brain for taking in new information during the day.

Before I go to work in the morning I try to start my day with journaling, reading, a podcast, any type of learning or reflection- in order to feel wired for success.

Reading a paperback book is also a good way to slowly ease in to the day, rather than scrolling aimlessly through instagram or checking emails. I feel like this practice fills up my cup, rather than draining me like scrolling through social media tends to do. 

2. Reading helps you gain perspective

I think it’s super important to learn from a variety of sources, and hear varying perspectives. If you’re always reading the same type of book, or the same author, you’re never really getting to hear a different side of the story. Being exposed to various perspectives will help you relate to others and be able to engage in conversation with all different types of people. 

When we’re younger we’re being exposed to so many reading assignments.  From English to Biology, Math and Foreign Language, we were always learning something new and hearing different perspectives from teachers, classmates, and even the authors themselves. I’ve been realizing that just because I’m out of school doesn’t mean I should stop learning or challenging myself. 

It’s fine to have preferences, but I think reading something out of the norm is good for us every now and then. 

Another bonus: If you’re interested in improving your writing skills, reading different styles of books is really helpful. 

3. Reading forces you to unplug

It’s not news that we are all SO plugged in – ALL.DAY.LONG. There are days when I’m staring at a screen for 8 hours a day at work (definitely not healthy). But we do what we have to do! So unplugging when I can is absolutely essential. I still love watching an episode of Friends with a glass of wine after a long day, but there’s something so relaxing about reading a book and focusing on nothing else. There have been so many times where I’m watching a movie or show and I actually spend 80% of the time scrolling on my phone. You can’t really do that with a good book – you’re just in the story, and you’re able to totally unwind.

Book with flowers, candle, and pens

What I’m reading lately: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is such a gem. I actually read it the first time through during my junior year of college, but i’m rereading it because I’ve been dealing with somewhat of a creative block lately. I love to keep this out on my coffee table or desk at work because the cover itself is GORGEOUS. There’s just something about the colorful details and words BIG MAGIC that make me want to get stuff done.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Big Magic is a nonfiction book written by the brilliant Elizabeth Gilbert. Her name likely sounds familiar–she’s best known for writing Eat, Pray, Love.

Okay so back to Big Magic- in this book, Elizabeth Gilbert dives deep into the knitty gritty of being a creative person (spoiler alert: we are ALL creative, even if it sometimes seems non-existent) She suggests that ideas are floating around waiting for someone to say YES to them – and if we don’t say yes to the (sometimes crazy) ideas that pop into our heads, they won’t stick around forever- they will go bother someone else who might make your once-dream a reality.

This book actually helped me decide to start my blog. I had been wanting to put my writing out into the world for quite some time, but never made the leap. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is on the fence about starting a new project, pursuing a passion, or needs a little creativity boost. Check it out on amazon here.

What’s on you summer reading list? Let me know!

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